Peak Season
Located on the Spanish Mediterranean coast of Alicante, 
Denia is a popular tourist destination for the masses. 
The end of August sees the close of what is known as the peak season 
and the region seems abandoned. 
Is Denia empty? Not really.
With the arrival of autumn, the real inhabitants
return back to the region. 
They are foreign residents that settle in Denia, looking for a warmer climate 
than in their country of origin to spend the colder months, 
and together with the locals they
recover their streets and landmarks after the tourists depart.
The project objective is to capture the
shapes, colors and feelings of Denia. 
It is 6 o’clock in the evening and the sun is about to set. 
On the beach promenade, where during the long summer days 
you could see the accumulation of beachgoers, 
a solitary couple enjoys the landscape in a different way. 
It is, for them, the beginning of real life in Denia. 
Their peak season.
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